The Threat Landscape 

How we help you navigate the path of security integration

Your Best Interest is our Strategy

Our goal is to lead you through the following seven-step process to ensure the successful implementation of security solutions within your organization.

  • Project Viability:

It is critical to your organization that you know whether a project is going to create the ROI that you desire. No business should undertake a project or invest money in a direction that can not be cost justified. During this phase, we help your organization make the “go / no go” decision.

  • Accessing Tangible Need Parameters:

During this phase, it is our goal to gain a clear understanding of the unique technology needs of your organization. We will also help prioritize those needs to facilitate the effective evaluation of technology. This includes a review of your current processes to determine opportunities for improvement through best practices and new technology.

  • Technology Discovery and Evaluation:

The goal of the Technology Discovery phase is to make a sound business decision. We focus our attention on guiding you towards a business decision that aligns with your strategy, goals, and established “best practices”. It is important to take an objective viewpoint when evaluating the technology. We keep your decision process objective through clear criteria that is in harmony with the organization's goals and culture.

  • Technology Selection:

This is the culmination of the discovery and evaluation phase. Our clients are able to confidently select technology that will meet their needs today and in the foreseeable future. This decision is made as simple as possible because we have ensured the ROI is tangible, established your specific criteria, and evaluated the empirical data and expert opinions. 

  • Contract and Deal Negotiation:

This phase is very focused and concise because we have established your organization's goals and needs. We do everything possible to ensure that the solution provider’s offer meets your goals and expectations in a mutually beneficial way. Often solution provider contracts heavily favor the solution provider and not the client. We ensure that the contracts are not only fair but clearly fulfill our client’s requirements.

  • Implementation & Execution:

Once the decision has been made to implement new technology, planning and execution is critical to the successful utilization of new technology. You spent the money, let's make sure you are using the new technology to it's fullest potential. We are committed to being with our client through the duration of the implementation and to act as the project leader helping you realize your desired end result. 

  • Ongoing Partner Support:

We are here to ensure that you have received the services that were agreed upon and most importantly, the technology that fits your needs and requirements. But even more over, we will be here as your direct point of contact to find solutions to your day-to-day issues and to explore other opportunities that will help you stay competitive and efficient in today's business landscape.